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Frequently Asked Questions

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Are these rooms suitable for children?

Children of all ages welcome. Although it may be difficult to navigate the games if unable to read.

Will I actually be locked inside of a room?

No. You will be put in a curtained virtual reality "pod" that you can freely enter and exit.

Will I be in a room with people I don’t know?

The rooms require at least 2 or 4 players per experience. If you have at least 2 people in your group, you will not need to have anyone else join your party, no. If you come in by yourself, we would have to pair you with another group in order for you to run the room. The same goes for a group of 5. The fifth would have to be put in with another group if there isn't a sixth member to join.

I am not a gamer, is this experience for me?

Yes, 100%! This is not a video game. It is an intuitive experience made for everyone,
from 12 to 82. If you know how to talk, listen, walk and grab objects, you have all the
skills needed to make it. The experiences are non-violent and focused on
cooperation between players. Excellent for families! Perfect for corporate events.

VR makes me sick. Is it for me?

No worries! Ubisoft Escape Games are designed to avoid motion sickness. A common
trigger for motion sickness comes from bad performance or low frame rate, issues
Ubisoft have accounted for when designing the game. Less than 1% of our players
experience motion sickness.

Is the game good for Team Building?

It is made for teams! You cannot escape alone! You must work together, and everyone
has a role to play. The key to success is to talk, listen and collaborate. And High Five
when you are done!

I have a fear of heights, are these experience for me?

Your feet will always touch the floor, you are 100% safe, but your brain might think
otherwise ☺ Our experiences can be challenging for people with strong fear of
heights! But they are also amazingly rewarding when you go through!

Is the game tracking data?

Yes, the operator is tracking game sessions data (for example at what time a game
starts, how long it takes to resolve each stage... ). The data tracked is never linked to
any specific user. We do not have any user information.

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