The VR Arcade in the cloud!

Step 1

-Create an account by logging in at the top right of the website.

From there you can access our member forums, view remaining sessions, and communicate with staff.

Step 2

-Book your time slot. Every member has access to 4 hours of gameplay per month while in early access beta testing. We will be moving this to an unlimited play time as we move in to phase 2 of The Abstract. Follow us on social media and/or discord to follow the project!

Step 3

-Check your email for the download link for the Virtual Desktop App. You will need to download this in your Quest 2/SteamVR headset in order to link to our cloud. Once downloaded, open the app and click The Abstract PC at your selected booking time.

Step 4


In the abstract you will have access 50+ high quality VR titles. Powered by the AWS cloud and streamed directly to your home. No need for expensive gaming PCs or need to purchase games. Look out for weekly challenges and tournaments advertised on billboards within The Abstract as well as on our members forum. 

*The Left Menu button on your quest 2 controller will bring up our arcade menu in order to switch games or call for help*