• A Massive Gaming Throne: Support for 160 kg: With support for up to 160kg (way beyond most competitors' capabilities) and a steel structure, ARMOR TITAN PRO is a rock-solid seat that will comfortably for hours. With a seat width of 60cm and a generally massive size, this chair is truly worth of kings!
  • Adjustable Design: ARMOR TITAN PRO Royal will adapt itself to your needs in every moment through four adjustment options
  • Rock the Titan PRO: ARMOR TITAN PRO's convenient tilting capability allows you to tilt the chair (up to 13º) to achieve the perfect position and lock it using a conveniently placed lever, all while sitting on it
  • Full Steel Frame, Ultimate Quality: Class 4 Gas Lift Cylinder and Vortex Aluminum Alloy 5-Star Base with Extra-Size Wheels


Item #: 9B-358-003T-00006



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