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Game Design News

Our team is hard at work on our first VR game "Deed of Deception", projected to have a playable demo by the end of Fall 2020 with a stand-alone billiards room available for download soon! Check us out on Facebook or Instagram for more details on this project.

Virtual Simulation Design

In partnership with local agencies, both in law enforcement, and psychology. we are creating a Police Training Simulator to train on proper de-escalation techniques. 

VR Classroom

Objective Reality Studios is in the beginning stages of creating a VR classroom for one of our local private schools as a proof of concept. Stay tuned for more info!

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About Us

What is YOUR Reality?

We are an indie developer working on our first game, Deed Of Deception! A multiplayer VR experience like no other. In our 2 to 4 player game you will be competing through the manor in randomly generated rooms with unique puzzles for countless hours of replayability. But trust no one for in the Deed of Deception, the manor wants to keep your souls and will not give up without a fight. One of your friends will become possessed and work  to keep you trapped in the house for eternity.


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